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What is a Pre-Sessional Course?

If English is not your first language and you are an international student, you will need to make sure you have the necessary academic skills and English language level required to study at a UK university.


Pre-Sessional courses are designed for students that need to improve their academic and general English level to meet the requirements of their chosen university degree programme.


Our Pre-sessional courses help to support international students to develop these key skills so they can succeed at an undergraduate level of study. 

Explainer Video

Watch this video and think about how a Pre-Sessional course can benefit you

Why choose to study online?

  • A visa-free study option that removes the worry of travel disruptions and the need to meet visa requirements.  

  • Improve your academic English from anywhere in the world. 

  • Access all the materials you need for your course from the comfort of your own home. 

  • Develop your digital literacy and global 21st century skills.  

  • Study with a Microsoft Showcase college and a leading institution in Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL). 

Benefits of online learning 

Video Presentation

Watch this short presentation to learn more about our Pre-Sessional courses

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What will you learn?

Students that successfully complete this course will be able to: 

Academic Writing

  • Structure own texts correctly according to a range of essay/report/dissertation formats and requirements 

  • Apply appropriate style and register in academic discourse 

  • Paraphrase written texts effectively 

  • Establish individual voice in own texts  

  • Demonstrate critical thinking skills

Using a Tablet
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Academic Reading

  • Scan texts and identify key points of a text  

  • Make and organise notes effectively when reading texts  

  • Decode and respond appropriately to task requirements  

  • Analyse source materials and ideas critically and effectively 

Reading Books in Library
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Academic Grammar and Vocabulary

  • Use correct English grammar in writing regarding sentence structure, verb and noun forms  

  • Use discipline terminology accurately  

  • Analyse and correct common grammatical errors 

  • Employ a range of cohesive devices  

  • Demonstrate language knowledge and control/accuracy 

  • Interpret and use academic and more uncommon vocabulary

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Academic Speaking

  • Ask questions and respond to questions in seminar /lecture situations  

  • Debate topics and communicate thoughts and opinions about subject-specific topics  

  • Demonstrate high level presentation skills without over-reliance on PowerPoint  

  • Reflect critically on individual/group performance

Bible Study Group
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Academic Listening 

  • Understand rapid, colloquial 'lecture' speech  

  • Cope with different lecturing styles  

  • Take notes sufficiently quickly to record appropriate detail  

  • Cope with information presented orally and visually  

  • Understand unfamiliar/non-native accents

Listening at the Meeting
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Further Academic Skills

  • Cite sources correctly using the appropriate referencing conventions 

  • Recognise and use a range of study skills  

  • Demonstrate the ability to work both independently and collaboratively

Image by Leon Wu
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Progression Opportunities

Where can this course take you in the future? 

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We offer our students extensive advice and support with their university applications, travel arrangements and visas applications.

We offer alternative pathways to university via our International Pathway Diploma programmes.

Students that successfully complete a Pre-Sessional course will have the opportunity to apply for a one-year International Pathway Diploma programme at Cardiff and Vale College.


 Graduates of an International Pathway Diploma programme will have access to our pristigious partner universities around the UK.

Decide which course is right for you 

Download our free prospectus to learn more about our Academic English Courses for International Students

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Download our free online prospectus 

Any questions? 

Book a free online chat with a member of our team and we will be happy to answer any of your questions

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