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English for Travel and Tourism




4 Weeks


About the Course

English for Travel and Tourism

The travel and tourism sector offers exciting opportunities to those who want to get a job in the industry, or for those who want to want to explore the world.

English is a global language and key for communicating with international travellers. Improving your English level around the topic of travel and tourism can:

  • Create opportunities to work and travel around the world;

  • Help you to work in and promote the travel and tourism sector in your home country;

  • Boost your confidence and help you to overcome challenges while working or travelling abroad.

This English for Travel and Tourism course will help you to enhance your face-to-face and written communication skills. You will learn and use vocabulary related to different sectors in the industry that will help you in the real world. You will also practice using functional language to carry out tasks such as:

  • Booking accommodation and giving feedback;

  • Planning itineraries, excursions, and guided tours;

  • Writing emails to request and give information;

  • Giving and asking for advice about international tourism in a range of countries;

  • Producing a travel guide for an international destination.

Your Instructor

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